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Change Fonts to Save Ink Costs

We’ve talked about tips on saving on the cost of ink a few times here on the InkCloners blog. It is now all over the news and on the internet that changing the type of font will use less ink and thus extend the life of your printer cartridges, saving you money.

Did you know that printer ink costs about $10,000 per gallon? The amount of ink a font drains is mainly driven by the thickness of its lines. A font with "narrow” or “light” in its name is usually better than its “bold” or “black” counterpart”, said Thom Brown, an ink researcher at Hewlett-Packard. Also, serif fonts—those with short horizontal lines at the top and bottom of letters — tend to use thinner lines and thus less ink than a “sans serif” counterpart.

The most ink friendly fonts have been identified as Century Gothic and Times New Roman. It has been shown that Century Gothic uses about 30 percent less ink than Arial. My favorite font and what we use on our website is the Calibri font. This font can be downloaded here. Also look at our other money saving tips on ink cartridges.

Savings Chart- in order by amount of money saved are:

  1. Century Gothic
  2. Ecofont
  3. Times New Roman
  4. Calibri
  5. Verdana
  6. Arial
  7. Sans Serif
  8. Trebuchet
  9. Tahoma
  10. Franklin Gothic Medium