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Ink & Toner Brands

About Our Ink Cartridges

We have termed the word "Cloned" to describe that our products have been developed to resemble, duplicate and imitate an OEM part. This term encompasses "compatible" and "remanufactured" ink cartridges. We use the term CLONE to indicate it is not original, but a replicated product. All cloned products have been developed NOT TO INFRINGE ON ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS PATENTS.

A remanufactured cartridge refers to an ink cartridge that has been used once by a consumer, completely cleaned and refilled with premium ink. These ink cartridges can be identified by the copper circuit board leading to the ink nozzles or printhead. This type of cartridge is typically an HP, DELL, & Lemark.

Compatible ink cartridges refer to products that imitate an original. It is, in essence, a brand new manufactured third party "knock off". This type of ink cartridge is just a reservoir of ink and gets installed in the printer which contains the printhead unit. Canon and Brother are the usual compatible ink cartridges.

About Toner Cartridges

Buying remanufactured toner cartridges are easy ways to reduce the environmental impact of these products while saving substantial amounts of money. Our toner cartridges are completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All internal and external components are checked against the original manufacturer's specifications and any worn, damaged, or end of life-cycle components are replaced. Key parts include the drum, corona wire assembly, wiper blade, and roller. We simply do not drill a hole in the side of the cartridge and refill it with toner. Each toner cartridge is then packaged in an anti-static moisture proof bag placed in a protective cradle then shipped to the customer.

We guarantee that the quality of our remanufactured toner cartridges will match or exceed that of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Our remanufactured toner cartridges should not damage the copy machine or printer. Though remaufactured toner cartridges can cause printer damage, it is rare and usually very minor. In other words, a properly remanufactured cartridge is no more likely to cause damage to a machine than a new toner cartridge.

Rest assured that your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED on all our products.

Thermal Fax Ribbons

Thermal fax machines do not use ink cartridges to print a facsimile. Instead, they utilize thermal fax ribbons to print a fax, or facsimile, of the original document. The process is performed fairly simple by melting down a black film ribbon against the paper and releasing the ink. The ink layer on the thermal fax ribbons is typically made of wax, resin or a combination of both. A printhead heats the ribbon's ink material, releases the ink, which then proceeds to melt onto the paper. Our manufacturing process allows for a quality thermal fax ribbon at half the cost.

Rest assured that your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED on all our products, so happy shopping our cheap printer ink at InkCloners.com!