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MICR Toner

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All MICR toner cartridges that you purchase from InkCloners.com are actually remanufactured cartridges that are made with a genuine toner cartridge. The original toner is removed, and replaced with MICR toner (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) that is specifically made for printing your own checks.

We simply do not drill a hole in the side of the cartridge and refill it with MICR toner. The MICR toner cartridges are first disassembled and the parts inspected. Key parts include the drum, corona wire assembly, wiper blade, and roller if defective or worn are replaced, and the cartridge is reassembled. Each toner cartridge is then packaged in an anti-static moisture proof bag placed in a protective cradle prior then shipped to the customer.

Rest assured that your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED on all our products.