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InkJet Printer Technology

An inkjet printer is a kind of desktop computer printing device which produces an electronic picture by transferring variable-sized minute droplets of ink on to material. Inkjet printers might possibly be the most widely used kind of printer as compared to a laser toner or solid ink printer. They are priced anywhere between compact economical consumer versions to very big specialized models, which can cost as much as thousands of dollars.

Generally there are two chief technologies being used in modern day inkjet printers:
1.) Thermal aka as BubbleJet
2.) Piezoelectric

For the most part consumer inkjet units, coming from manufacturers like Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Brother and Lexmark use thermal technology.
Thermal inkjet technology operates by quickly heating resistors built right behind the printing head’s nozzles to be able to vaporize the ink, generating a bubble that builds up rapidly in which the ink basically blows out from the nozzle to the paper. Once the bubble cools and collapses, the ensuing pressure created draws additional printer ink into the print head inside the cartridge.

The majority of commercial along with industrial inkjet printers primarily made by Epson utilizes a piezoelectric element in an ink-filled chamber right behind every nozzle rather than a heating element. In order to drive ink out of the print nozzles, piezoelectric components bend when an electrical charge is transferred through them. Elements manufactured from these types of materials are designed behind the print nozzles. When a short electrical charge is placed on them, these pieces flex backwards, pulling highly accurate quantities of ink from the ink holding chamber to the firing chamber. As soon as the electrical pulse is reversed, the piezoelectric materials move the exact opposite way extremely fast, moving the ink from the nozzles at high speed.

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Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Ink

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Pitney Bowes Meter Video

HP 59 Photo Gray Printer Cartridge

The HP 59 Photo Gray ink cartridge is intended to be used in combination with the Hewlett Packard 57 Tri-color printer cartridge. Using the HP 59 and HP 57 cartridges with each other will greatly enhance photo quality by minimizing grain.
Proper use and handling will offer greater printing quality and a longer print cartridge life. Print at the very least once a month to maintain the nozzles clear and the printer cartridges in excellent working order. The computer printer automatically primes, cleans, and caps the cartridges to maintain ideal print quality however, these procedures are not noticeable to users. Refer to the do’s and don’ts below:
Do not reapply tape to a print cartridge. Trying to reapply the tape can result in the colors to blend, damaging the cartridge.
Do store the COLOR and PHOTO cartridges with nozzles DOWN. Store the BLACK cartridge with nozzles UP and place the cartridges in an airtight, firm plastic container.
Do not permit the nozzles on the bottom part of the cartridge to touch the base or side of the plastic container. If the nozzles make contact with the container, the printer ink colors could blend, or ink could drain out of the cartridge.
Do not re-tape the ink cartridge.
Do not place the cartridge in a plastic bag.
Do not disconnect the printer without first switching it OFF by depressing the POWER switch. This will leave the cartridge susceptible to evaporation and debris contamination.
Do not keep a packaged inkjet printer cartridge on its side or upside-down for extended periods of time.
Store printing cartridges at room temperature.