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The Mystery of The Epson Waste Ink Pads

Has your Epson printer stopped working, is blinking or displays “ink pads need changing”, or in the alternative you are being told to bring the printer to an Epson service center?  Then you have a condition that your waste ink pad is full of ink and needs replacement.

The ink pad in a printer is an absorbent sponge where ink, from either a head cleaning or from printing borderless sheets of paper, collects as to not dump ink inside the printer itself. The machine counts all the cleaning operations ie) ink waste counter and issues a warning to prevent the internal ink sponge from overflowing and damaging your printer.

There is no need to buy another printer or bring it to an Epson Customer Care Center. There are a few solutions that one can do at home to fix this problem:

  1. There is software on the internet that will reset the ink waste counter called WIC Rest, for a fee.
  2. We have 2 Epson service utility programs on our Tips sections on InkCloners.com that can address this issue. These utilities are good for older model printers.
  3. Contact Epson to send you their version of the “Ink Pad Reset Utility”

Regardless of which method you use, this is a real warning and a safety measure that must be seriously addressed. We also do not recommend resetting the ink waste counter without replacing the ink pads. If your ink pads are full then just resetting the counter on the printer without replacing the pads could ultimately cause damage to your printer and surrounding areas as the inks starts to pool inside the printer and potentially start to leak out.

There are a few steps you can do to extend replacing and resetting your waste ink pad:

  1.  Avoid the cleaning cycle and/or cleaning more than twice in a row
  2.  Don’t print borderless printing
  3. Don’t turn your printer on and off all the time

I hope this answers your questions about resetting the Epson waste ink pads. And please don’t forget to shop around for some cheaper alternatives for Epson’s expensive ink cartridges at InkCloners.com.

Reset HP Expired Ink Cartridges

Normally you can bypass the ink cartridge expiration date on some HP printers if you remove the CMOS battery.  But this means that you have to disassemble the printer, locate the battery, pry it loose for about a half hour, then reassemble the printer.

We have found a patch that may reset the printer driver and override expired HP printer cartridges.  Here are the directions to apply the patch and reset the expiration date on the HP printer:

Download this file: hpfix.zip

Directions for running the patch:

1) Turn off your printer so that the internal date gets reset.
2) Apply patch and check if at least one printer driver file gets patched.
3) Either restart the spooling service or restart your computer just to be
sure that the patched driver DLL gets loaded.
4) Turn on your printer again and see if you can print with the expired

Alternatively, you can do this procedure:

1) Unplug your printer
2) Set back system date to prior to the printer cartridge expiration date
3) Plug in your printer and turn it on
4) Try to print
5) Reset system date to current date

Some of the expired cartridges this works on are the HP #14, HP #45, HP #78.

Changing the Minolta-QMS 2300W Toner Cartridges

The Minolta 2300W high-capacity toner cartridge can print about 4,500 at 5% page coverage. Its standard-capacity toner cartridge prints a maximum of 1,500 at 5% page coverage. Download the MagicColor 2300W manual for a complete explanation and other service procedures and troubleshooting tips.

When it’s time for you to change and replace the toner, “COLOR Toner Low” shows in the Status Display monitor. The Status Display Monitor software is necessary to rotate the carousel and change the appropriate low toner. The software can be downloaded here: Minolta-QMS Status Monitor Utility. Printing can proceed although the warning shows up. Nonetheless, the color progressively fades out, so replace the toner cartridge at the earliest opportunity.

To install the Status Monitor, unzip the file and open the folder. From there look for the “setup” and double click it to run the application. Make sure your printer is attached and powered on.

In case you have changed the toner cartridge, the laser printer will have to complete a calibration cycle. In case you open the printer cartridge door prior to the “Ready” indicator on the control panel lights up along with the “Error” indicator turning off, the printer halts and will repeat the calibration routine.

You may find compatible Minolta-QMS 2300W toner cartridges at InkCloners.com at reasonable prices. Changing the Minolta 2430DL cartridge can be found here as well.