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Choosing a Reliable Online Ink Cartridge Supplier

Buying ink cartridges online is one of the cheapest and economical ways to cut your printer costs and finding the right merchant is the most challenging part.  Some of the more reputable companies are outlined in our merchant comparison chart.

However, this does not eliminate the need to do your own research and do not just buy from a supplier who has the cheapest prices.  Also, ask others you know to make recommendations. Word of mouth recommendations are what will guide you best when you need to find a reliable online printer cartridge website.
Beginning steps to find the right supplier:

1.)  Know your printer model and the kind of ink cartridge that goes in it.  Most reputable companies make finding the right cartridge easy.  The simpler the navigation through the pages, the less headache and stress of finding the right cartridge.  Be aware though, some printers are so new that the website might not have your particular cartridge listed.

2.)  Make sure contact information including telephone numbers and addresses are accurate, easily viewable, accessible, and valid.  Some websites list the owners and even pictures of employees.

3.)  Merchants must clearly state the rules and regulations of the sale and give details like shipping costs, guarantees, and so on.  Check what the shipping policy is and how long the product will take to reach you.

4.)  Make sure the merchant’s return and warranty policies are clearly stated.  Reputable merchants have nothing to hide and check the Web for any warnings against these merchants.

5.)  Look for merchant trust and logos.  These logos may signify that a third-party site has verified the contact information and business practices on the website as stated.  However, know that the third party trust logos do not endorse or give recommendations to the quality of the merchant’s products.

6.)  Finally, an important factor is to make sure the site is secured by SSL certificate, specifically having 256 bit encryption or better.  Look for the padlock in your browser and if there is an error or exclamation marker, inquire what is not secure on the webpage.  You do not want personal information being passed insecurely on any server.

At InkCloners.com, we eliminate the guess work for you.  We built the website with the consumer in mind.  There are no added advertisements, no upselling to other products, no unsecure pages during checkout.    Easily navigate from page to page and we personally answer all of your questions within a reasonable time.

The Transformation has Taken Place.

Well this is all what you guys have been waiting for. The “new look”.

Well first of all I would like to give credit to the web designer who created the site. Her name is Dorinda Bohnsack. She may be contacted here at Foxglove Website Designs.

Some improvements other than an easier navigation include:

*Tracking Tools*– The ability for any customer, registered or not, to track their packages. Emails are sent to the customer once we get tracking information and they come back to our site and choose the carrier, either FEDEX, USPS, UPS, or DHL, place their tracking number in the fields and can view the progress. We still have 90% of our orders being delivered in 1-3 days! Continue reading

InkCloners.com Gets a Facelift!

It was time to create a new website with new looks, greater security, more customer features, better search features, and new colors. COMING SOON!! A New InkCloners.com. Yes we have “cloned” ourselves and have manifested a new breed of InkCloners. GET READY!!