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Large Format Printers Popularity

Large format printers are important pieces of equipment for many businesses, photo labs and reprographers of graphics departments   Also referred to as wide format printers, these types of printers use rolls of paper whose width is between 17″ to 100 and are perfect for printing pictures, maps, producing posters, banners or tarpaulins and a wide range of other signs in various sizes. Containing an extensive color palette of up to  12 inks which include black, blue, cyan, gray, green, magenta, matte black, photo cyan, photo gray, photo magenta, red and yellow inks, plus a minimum droplet size of four picoliters, these printers are capable of producing more realistic graphics and high-quality images that can sell in museums for thousands of dollars.

In addition to helping companies create large posters for marketing, they are essential to outdoor advertising  and also get a great deal of use in theatre departments. Currently, large photo printers are offered by Canon, Epson ( pson Stylus Pro series) and HP (Designjet z6100).  Epson’s popularity for high-quality photographic printers has helped to make them one of the main wide format manufacturers. Their sophisticated MicroPiezo TFP print head is capable of creating incredibly precise text and line-art, coupled with amazing photographic quality prints, at speeds practically twice as fast as prior generation models. As their technology advances, they will introduce a new series of printers which will further expand to a wider and new range of professional imaging markets which include architecture, construction, and education.

With the extended color combinations, producing beautiful scenic elements and pictures has become more realistic and has saved businesses considerable time and money, having the ability to print several square feet of material in no time.  Printing on cloth, canvas and using fade resistant inks, companies can make their statements loud and clear.

Here are some examples from a company called Trade Show Emporium.



How to Print With Only the Black Ink Cartridge

We’ve been asked a few questions on “when the color cartridge is empty, can you print just using the black ink cartridges.” Let us try to describe some of the solutions below for various printer brands:
1.) Canon-

  • Click the Start Menu
  • Choose Devices and Printers
  • Right click your printer icon in question
  • Choose “Printing preferneces” from the drop down panel
  • In the panel click and select the “Maintenance” tab
  • Click the “Ink Cartridge Settings” button icon
  • Then choose “Black Only” from the drop down buttons

Ink Cartridge Settings

NOTE: If you have a Canon photo black cartridge like the CLI-8 and you want to use that cartridge to print change the “type of paper” to something other than Plain Paper in the Media Type on the Main tab interface. For example select the “High Resolution”.

Plain Paper Selection

2.) Hewlett-Packard (HP) –

  • Open the document you want to print
  • Click File, and then click Print
  • Click your HP product in the Name drop-down list, and then click Properties
  • Click the “Color” tab, select the “Print in Grayscale” checkbox, and then click OK

NOTE: Depending on the printer model you might even have a drop down with “print in black only”.

Canon PIXMA MX410

This is a first look for the Canon PIXMA MX410 all in one inkjet printer. It has dual bay printer cartridges which definitely limit its functionality as a snapshot photo printer. But if all you are looking to buy is a cheap $100 computer printer to print out everyday documents, the MX410 is an excellent buy. It has a streamline design with a series of paper draws and trays that fold out of the front and go flush into the body when you are not using them.
On the front there a few hot keys for copy, fax and scan as well as a backlit power button plus a few blinking lights to tell you when you need ink. For all other messages and warning displays, there is only a 2 line dot matrix display in the middle of the control panel. On top, there is an auto 30 page document feeder, not normally found, in printers in this price range so you can copy or fax. There is also a standard scanner bay below the auto feeder on top that let you save images directly to a USB key, which is directly below next to the output tray.
The included CD walks you through the installation procedures and shows you how to setup WiFi printing. The CD also contains some pretty nifty movie software which lets you pull still snapshots out of videos. Overall, it’s an economical printer for everyday use other than heavy photo printing use. The Canon PIXMA MX410 takes our compatible CL-211 color and PG-210 black.