How to Optimize Your Site

After organizing our products and making changes to our site for easy navigation, we needed to optimize our site for the web.  We chose the IBP program.  You can find it here: .

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InkCloners, LLC

Cheap Ink Cartridges and Laser Toners are here!

Welcome to the world of  Marie V. and James P. are the proud owners of a new website called  (Incidentally InkCloners was born the same day James was that is why I remember it.)   Our mission is to bring the best value at a fair price to consumers needing imaging supplies. While you may find some items for sale at lower prices than on the InkCloners website, you may not be getting the same quality.

When we started InkCloners, we went to the trouble of researching all of the vendors around the country that we could find who supply to resellers. We decided to only align ourselves with vendors and manufacturers who produce and distribute only quality products; meaning quality shells, quality ink and quality components. We didn’t want to be just another company on the Internet selling the “cheapest items” one could find, with no concern over the value of the items. We all know that the quality of a product is directly related to the price paid for that product, as in “you get what you pay for”.

Choose – the right choice for your best value.


James Pantel
InkCloners, LLC