Changing Toner for the Konica Minolta 2430DL cartridge

1. Check the message window to see which color (X) toner is out. Follow the steps below taken from the Minolta MagicColor 2430DL users manual.

By carrying out the steps below, the carousel automatically stops at the position where the empty toner cartridge can be removed.  Once removed, you can purchase Minolta 2430DL toner cartridges at relatively cheap prices.

2. Proceed to step 3 below this table.

3. Pull the lever, and then open the top cover. If there is paper in the output tray, remove it, and then fold up the output tray before opening the top cover. Do not touch the transfer belt.

4. Check that the toner cartridge to be replaced has been moved to the front, and then open the front cover. You can identify the toner cartridge by the color of the handle and by the letter molded into the handle: C (cyan), M (magenta), Y (yellow) and K (black).

5. Pull the handle on the toner cartridge toward you, and then pull the toner cartridge up to remove it. Do not manually rotate the toner cartridge carousel. In addition, do not rotate the carousel with force, otherwise it may be damaged.

Dispose of the empty toner cartridge according to your local regulations. Do not burn the toner cartridge.

6. Prepare a new toner cartridge.

7. Shake the cartridge a few times to distribute the toner. Make sure that the toner roller cover is securely attached before shaking the toner cartridge.

8. Remove the cover from the toner roller. Do not touch or scratch the toner roller.

9. Align the shaft on each end of the toner cartridge with its holders, and then insert the cartridge. Before inserting the toner cartridge, make sure that the color of the toner cartridge to be installed is the same as the label on the toner cartridge carousel.

10. Press down on the toner cartridge until it snaps into place.

11. Close the front cover.

12. Carefully close the top cover. When the top cover is closed, the black toner cartridge automatically moves so that it can be replaced. With each press of the Rotate Toner key, the yellow, then magenta toner cartridge moves so that it can be replaced. If the Auto Toner Replace check box has been selected in Mode Setting of the Status Display, closing the top cover after replacing the toner cartridge automatically moves the next toner cartridge so that it can be replaced. If there are no more empty toner cartridges the printer warms up, then automatically resets to be ready to print.

13. Press the Cancel key to reset the printer and clear the indicator message. If no operation is performed for 30 seconds after the top cover is closed, the printer automatically resets. The printer must complete a calibration cycle (less than 2 minutes) after a toner cartridge has been replaced. If you open a cover before the printer is reset, the calibration stops, then starts over again after the cover is closed.

Click here if you are looking for Minolta 2300 toner cartridges.  The Magic Color 2300 service manual can be downloaded from this link.