3-D Printers

3-D PrintersAs the 3-D revolution has come to market with movies and television sets, it has also invaded the printer industry.  These 3-D printers are priced between $14K-$20K and are pretty cool making a CAD drawing come to life just like magic.  How this works is that fine powder consisting of plaster, corn starch and resins are built layer by layer, bonded by an adhesive from the inkjet print head, until the final physical model is built.  There is no paper involved.

3-D printing is not a joke and printer companies believe the time is right for this technology to become mainstream.   Hewlett-Packard, well-known for its home PCs and ink printers, sees a huge potential customer base of commercial and industrial designers who are already creating 3-D models on their computers. There HP recently partnered with a smaller company, Minneapolis-based Stratasys, to sell commercial 3-D printers under the HP brand.

Counterfeit Ink and Toner

Printer ink and toner manufacturers like HP, Canon, and Xerox make a huge profit on the mark up of their products.  Leveraging the high price tag for printer consumable, scrupulous people have taken original manufacturers’ products that have been used already, remanufactured and refilled them, and resell them as new and original.  They collect or buy the used cartridges for pennies on the dollar and sell them at the original OEM prices making a huge profit.  Most of these types of counterfeit consumables have been distributed and produced in Mexico, South America or Asia.

At InkCloners.com, our manufacturers collect empty cartridges through legitimate means like the Ecycle Group.  We then thoroughly test, clean, refill and test print our cartridges to make sure you have a fully functional cloned product.  Our brand then gets packaged as a compatible or remanufactured printer cartridge.

If you detect that you have received counterfeit cartridges, call the manufacturer and report the issue.  They should launch an investigation into the matter.  Rest assured that when you buy from InkCloners.com, you are buying legitimate cloned products that meet or exceed the original manufacturers’ specifications.  While we do our best to package everything properly, occasionally there are bumps in the road we can’t avoid.  Fear not though, that our customer support team is available M-F 9am-5pm EST to resolve any issue that arises and we offer a full refund if you are totally not satisfied with our printer cartridges.

Change Fonts to Save Ink Costs

We’ve talked about tips on saving on the cost of ink a few times here on the InkCloners blog.  It is now all over the news and on the internet that changing the type of font will use less ink and thus extend the life of your printer cartridges, saving you money.

Did you know that printer ink costs about $10,000 per gallon?  “The amount of ink a font drains is mainly driven by the thickness of its lines.  A font with “narrow” or “light” in its name is usually better than its “bold” or “black” counterpart”, said Thom Brown, an ink researcher at Hewlett-Packard.  Also, serif fonts—those with short horizontal lines at the top and bottom of letters — tend to use thinner lines and thus less ink than a “sans serif” counterpart.

The most ink friendly fonts have been identified as Century Gothic and Times New Roman.  It has been shown that Century Gothic uses about 30 percent less ink than Arial.  My favorite font and what we use on our website is the Calibri font.  This font can be downloaded here.  Also look at our other money saving tips on ink cartridges.

Savings Chart- in order by amount of money saved are:

  1. Century Gothic
  2. Ecofont
  3. Times New Roman
  4. Calibri
  5. Verdana
  6. Arial
  7. Sans Serif
  8. Trebuchet
  9. Tahoma
  10. Franklin Gothic Medium