What’s in a Toner?

One of the products offered by InkCloners.com is laser toner.  Toners can be bought under the manufacturer or from stores engaged into compatibles such as the one mentioned.  What is a toner?  The toner is a powder that is used by laser printers and laser photocopiers to produce the text and the images on paper.  Early versions of the toner is made of carbon powder and later on evolved into a blend between the carbon and the polymer.  The toner may lead to health risks if inhaled for a long time since this is a powder which can remain suspended in the air.  The toner can be washed off from the hand or from the clothing with cold water so there is really no problem when you get stained by it.  The toner is packaged in wholesale barrels which are then re-manufactured or repacked by some to act as refill for empty toner cartridges.

So now you know something additional about the toner. So the next time you have the chance to refill empty toner cartridges or just be exposed to the toner itself, you will already know what you are dealing with.