Quality Printer Refills

At InkCloners.com, when you’re looking for a refill, you’re also shown a host of options of similar cloned products. You should also consider the environmental benefits of a refill. If you’re a big enough workplace you could sign up with one of the many environmental agencies that are into cartridge refilling. Research conducted says that at least eight cartridges are thrown away in the US, each year. The landfills with the used ink cartridges are rising by the day even though people are becoming more aware about the need to refill and recycle. A recycled ink cartridge requires only 1 quart oil while the manufacture of a new one may need up to 3 quarts. The cloned products are also a good bet as even the outer plastic shell is not wasted. While there maybe a subtle difference in color printouts with a refill as compared with those from a new ink cartridge, the black and white printouts are effectively of the same quality. And every small step we take towards making our planet greener would go a long way. However, you need to ensure that you’re not damaging your printer by buying cheap or counterfeit ink cartridges. In the hurry to save some money, don’t end up doing more harm to your printer. Check out our article Cheap Printer Ink Myth Busted for tips on saving money.