Is refilling and recycling your ink cartridges a good option?

So now that you’ve run out of printer ink, you’re wondering if you should get another ink cartridge or go for a refill. Often, a question that you’ve asked is if refilling is worth the effort. The one reason most people go in for a refill is because of the cost benefits it offers. The savings you make, especially with the discount offered by some inkjet manufacturers is enormous; you could end up saving up to 70% by refilling. What you need to consider is that sometimes, the refilling is a messy and cumbersome process. People do get better with time and experience but until then, it could be a painful process. Ink refilling cannot be done in a hurry. encourages refilling with products not just from the original manufactures but also with their cloned products. These days the printers come with a chip that not only indicates the level of the printer ink but also if it’s a refilled ink cartridge or a new one bought from the manufacturer. Whether it’s fair or not is another issue, but people believe that this is a good idea as sometimes, an ink cartridge refilled with ink of poor quality ruins your printer.