Printer ink–Some facts that you may not be aware of.

One issue that many of us face when it comes to choosing imaging materials for your office is the kind of printer ink to choose. Do you want a remanufactured product or a compatible product or one of the offerings from the market leaders? If you’ve decided on an original, is it going to be from HP or Canon or Epson? Before you decide on all this, you need to know something about printer ink. There are some that are cheap and some that offer a better reading experience. There are very few that combine both.

Generally, people assume that the cartridges are to be bought from the manufacturer of the printer. Hence they end up paying more by buying ink cartridges from the OEM when the same quality products could be bought at for a lesser price. You could use compatible ink cartridges that are as good as the originals but are relatively cheap. Another method to save on printer ink is by ensuring that the printer is set to print in the draft mode and only after you’re certain of the document, should you print the final document. Also try and print in the black and white whenever possible. Color ink is a lot more expensive. To save printer ink, when getting a printout from the internet, choose for pages that have less images and graphics, if you’ve such an option.

There is also freeware available online which helps you clip the web pages in such a way that unnecessary white space is removed, empty pages are deleted and generally change the layout so as to not waste printer ink and also paper. These days even printer manufacturers such as HP are realizing the need to optimize the use of printer ink; their add-on ensures that when IE is the browser being used, you could choose what content to print. This download is free! Something else you could do is refilling the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridge with printer ink from a refill kit. You could do it yourself as most of these kits are DIYs. Buying ink cartridges that come with chips to recognize the ink levels is a good option. Dried ink cartridges are an issue you encounter and to avoid this, print something every once in a while. Don’t assume that your OEM ink cartridges will be alive even if the usage is infrequent; any cartridge would get dried up and eventually the printer ink is wasted. believes that saving printer ink is essential to being eco-friendly.