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Printer Streaks, Skips, and Blank Printing

PrinterEpson printers are known to be the worst for their clogged printer heads. They have a great printing technology, as will be described below, but their print heads will and do clog. This is true whether using original Epson printer cartridges or compatible cartridges.

Epson's proprietary inkjet technology uses a Piezo crystal at the rear of the ink reservoir. Whenever an ink dot is required, a current is applied to the Piezo element which then flexes and, in so doing, forces a drop of ink out of the nozzle. Because the Piezo process can deliver extremely small and perfectly formed dots with extreme accuracy, Epson is able to offer an enhanced resolution of 1440 by 720dpi.

But the disadvantage of Epson's printer technolgy is that their print heads are prone to clogging. The print heads are the tiny, hairbreadth fine nozzles. The ink cartridges are just the reservoirs which hold and supply the ink to the printer heads. The print head scans the page in horizontal strips, using the printer's motor assembly to move it from left to right and back again. The ink is emitted from the nozzles while they pass over the paper. The paper then feeds and moves on ready for the next strip.

When the cleaning cycles do not solve the problem, we have found a cheap method of unclogging these fine printer nozzles. I hate to say it, but Windex does work. It is its main chemical, ammonia, that does the dissolving. If your printer head is not removable, you can inject Windex into an empty ink cartridge and run print head cleanings to get the solution into the print head. Alcohol, to the contrary belief, does not unclog the printer heads. It may work for a short while but the alcohol will actually increase the chances of another clog. It dries out the plastic and metals in the printer heads.

As you can see then, the ink cartridges do not have much bearing as to whether the printer will print. So please don't blame the cartridge. They supply the ink to the print heads. Clogging occurs most often when changing a cartridge or if the printer has not been used for an extended period of time. With Epson printers try to do the following:

1.) Always turn your printer off whenever you are not using it. Epson runs a cleaning cycle every time it is turned on. This cycle gets the ink flowing though the print head. If you never shut shut off your printer, it will not run this cycle.

2.) Print regularly. This will help keep the ink from drying out on the print head or in the nozzles. This is one of the biggest and most common faults of any inkjet printer.

3.) Use quality printer ink cartridges. We at, take great care to make sure the supply of ink or the ink cartridge is compatible with the original manufacturer's brand. We only sell quality reproductions that will meet or exceed your expectations and our prices will be at a fraction of what the OEM's charge. You may finder cheaper online merchants, but cheaper is not always better. Noone is able to compete with our "Brand" of cloned Epson ink cartridges. With quality second to none, we will never be the cheapest cloned Epson ink vendor out there, but we will offer you a product that will keep you happy for years to come.

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