Reset HP Expired Ink Cartridges

December 12th, 2012

Normally you can bypass the ink cartridge expiration date on some HP printers if you remove the CMOS battery.  But this means that you have to disassemble the printer, locate the battery, pry it loose for about a half hour, then reassemble the printer.

We have found a patch that may reset the printer driver and override expired HP printer cartridges.  Here are the directions to apply the patch and reset the expiration date on the HP printer:

Download this file:

Directions for running the patch:

1) Turn off your printer so that the internal date gets reset.
2) Apply patch and check if at least one printer driver file gets patched.
3) Either restart the spooling service or restart your computer just to be
sure that the patched driver DLL gets loaded.
4) Turn on your printer again and see if you can print with the expired

Alternatively, you can do this procedure:

1) Unplug your printer
2) Set back system date to prior to the printer cartridge expiration date
3) Plug in your printer and turn it on
4) Try to print
5) Reset system date to current date

Some of the expired cartridges this works on are the HP #14, HP #45, HP #78.

Presidential Debate of October 3, 2012

October 6th, 2012

The long awaited first Presidential debate in this political election cycle took place in Denver, on October 3,  2012.  Presidential debates have long been more about style than substance however this debate has brought us into new territory. Complete video clip of the 1st Presidential debate of  October 3, 2012 involving President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney can be downloaded from our site.  The final Presidential debate is going to be held on  October 22  and will give attention to foreign policy as opposed to domestic policy.  Following the  first Presidential debate  between President Obama and Governor Romney, the general opinion appears to be that the Governor  did a lot to strengthen his position  while the President appeared to  fall flat on his performance .

Romney states the election is even bigger than he and Obama. He also seemed much more relaxed than President Obama, who spent most of his time detailing policies he would likely rather be done selling at this point. Romney also stated:

1.) that he supports education and learning as well but didn’t put together an education strategy in as much detail as the President

2.) that he would keep things as they have been

3.) suggested that the government need to grade schools in order that parents can make a decision where to send their kids

4.) that he loves great schools and the answer to excellent schools is fantastic teachers, so he rejects the notion that he doesn’t believe that the country requires far more educators

5.)  planned to lower income tax rates by 20% as well as remove the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax.

Romney challenged Obama’s claim that his health care program falls short of a sufficient method of getting individuals with pre-existing conditions medical health insurance.

Obama may undoubtedly turn into a tragic character and reiterated that he has tried his hardest as President to make the playing field fair and help America get over a debilitated economic climate.  He actually raised the $716-billion amount initially, stating that amount was “saved” by “no longer overpaying insurance companies, [and] by making sure that we weren’t overpaying providers.

Obama called for not offering tax breaks to businesses that are shipping jobs abroad.  Obama is certainly a talented and proficient speaker, and even though his overall performance in the debate wasn’t his greatest, the complaints struck me as being a tempest in a teapot.

Konica Minolta bizhub C754/C654 Color MFP Series

February 18th, 2012

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.launched the bizhub® C754 and the bizhub® C654 Color Multifunctional Printers. MFP printers are an all in one system for printing, copying, faxing and scanning. They both feature the Konica Minolta INFO-Palette design which is a new touch screen interface allowing more advanced accessibility than before. The bizhub C754 and C654 Printer Series features a broad range of new applications and software to enhance its productivity, coupled with fast speeds and superior color quality output.

Both MFP printers incorporate a vibrant 9-inch color touchscreen display with superior resolution for print preview choices, the INFO-Palette layout on the new bizhub C754 and C654 Series provides an user-friendly “touch & swipe” interface that actually works as effortlessly as today’s fastest cellular devices. Straightforward menus and customizable icons permit users to work faster and smarter. Together with fast output speeds as much as 60 ppm color and 75 ppm monochrome on the bizhub C754, and 60 ppm color and 65 ppm black and white on the bizhub C654, this innovative series can certainly deliver customized, full-color content in-house and on-demand, saving both money and time. Regarding professional configurations such as health related, legal and education applications, the bizhub C754/654 Series allows high- speed scanning, scan-to-folder functionality and effortless integration along with industry-standard software for scanning and converting records to digital documents. The bizhub C754/C654 series comes with standard dual scanning, powerful finishing solutions, versatile document management as well as stunning high-impact color, which makes it suitable for high-volume document applications of all sorts.

The bizhub C754/C654 series also provides improved security through Konica Minolta’s bizhub SECURE and various sophisticated alternatives such as Biometric Authentication and HID Proximity Cards to protect very sensitive documents. In addition to offering Konica Minolta’s exclusive Simitri® HD polymerized laser toner, built-in Emperon® print system, bizhub OP (Open Platform) technology and PageScope® Enterprise Suite, the bizhub C754/C654 Series achieves among the lowest power consumption rate in its class – even lower than the standard specified by Energy Star certification. The INFO-Palette design additionally includes a one of a kind Eco-indicator that allows tracking of paper, toner as well as energy consumption by device, account or end-user to encourage increased cost-consciousness.