HP Officejet 8600 Printer Series Review

HP-Officeje-8600-series-printerLet’s take a look at the Officejet 8600 series printers from Hewlett Packard. There are 3 separate models to chose from this line. They all print, scan, copy and fax for ultimate convenience. Performance wise, they print up to 18 pages per minute and the quality is as sharp as a laser printer. The paper tray allows you to use different size papers.

1.) HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One

Cost: $200

It has a 2.65” touch color screen display. touch-screenIt has a sleeker chassis from their previous model with a 350 sheet input tray on the front and a 50 page feed tray on top. The top tray makes it really easier to drop a stack of documents for coping or scanning.

It can connect the internet through an Ethernet cord or by wifi. All the printers are compatible with Google cloud print as well as Apple air print, which makes it really easy to setup a wireless connection with your wireless network or IOS devices. These HP printers also give you remote printing by way HP calls ePrint. The way it works is that, each device comes shipped with its own unique email address that lets you save to your contact list then you can use that address to send print jobs from any web connected device. That works really well when you see an article or photo on your phone while you’re traveling that you’d like to have waiting for you when you get home.

2.) HP Officejet Pro 8600 PLUS e-All-in-One

Cost: $300

It has a larger 4.3” touch color screen display. The only time you would need this would be when you start browsing through the HP ePrint app store. The home screen on the control panel has an additional icon labelled APPS that lets you add new icons on the display just like you would on an iPhone. APPSThere’s quick APPS available for news, weather, arts and crafts as well as printable games for the kids. You can also automate those APPS to download content and print them out at the same time every day if you are a fan of their functionality. The other notable feature is that it has automatic two-sided copying, faxing and scanning.

3.) HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium e-All-in-One

Cost: $400

It gives you an additional 250 sheet paper tray, an additional set of ink cartridges, and a 50 sheet pack of premium glossy brochure paper, along with the 4.3” color touch screen display, the APPS, and ePrint.

But no matter which one of these printers you pick, you will definitely be satisfied with its print quality, the print speed and reliable performance. We recommend these printers for personal home use as well as businesses. Its breadth of connectivity options and cloud printing ensure its longevity in the marketplace. It’s compact footprint relative to its features won’t take up that much room on your desktop. When you need ink cartridge replacement try some of our compatible HP ink cartridges, sold at discount prices.

Epson Scores Another Win against Infringers

Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson) continues to successfully pursue third-party companies that infringe its patents and prevent them from selling offending ink cartridges around the world. Epson’s latest win came March 2011 when it reached a settlement with the Taiwanese ink cartridge manufacturers ULIX and U-Color. Last January, Epson won an initial judgement from the Taiwanese intellectual property court and the OEM says the two firms were ordered to pay damages and cease sales of the infringing products. ULIX and U-Color appealed that decision, however. On December 15, Epson announced that the two companies settled with the OEM before the appeals court. The pair agreed to cease production and sales of the offending products and said they would pay settlement fees to the OEM. ULIX and U-Color also issued a public apology to Epson in which they expressed their gratitude to Epson for reaching the settlement.

It is interesting to see that Epson continues to chalk up win after win against third-party supplies vendors. After enduring punishing losses in the 1990s to firms worldwide that ignored its intellectual property, Epson has gained back market share for its ink cartridges through a string of legal victories in courtrooms around the globe. Apparently, some third-party supplies vendors haven’t gotten the word are still infringing Epson’s patents using fake ink cartridges. As a result, the OEM continues to hold them accountable. All of the discount ink cartridges sold by InkCloners.com do not infringe on Epson’s patent.

The Mystery of The Epson Waste Ink Pads

Has your Epson printer stopped working, is blinking or displays “ink pads need changing”, or in the alternative you are being told to bring the printer to an Epson service center?  Then you have a condition that your waste ink pad is full of ink and needs replacement.

The ink pad in a printer is an absorbent sponge where ink, from either a head cleaning or from printing borderless sheets of paper, collects as to not dump ink inside the printer itself. The machine counts all the cleaning operations ie) ink waste counter and issues a warning to prevent the internal ink sponge from overflowing and damaging your printer.

There is no need to buy another printer or bring it to an Epson Customer Care Center. There are a few solutions that one can do at home to fix this problem:

  1. There is software on the internet that will reset the ink waste counter called WIC Rest, for a fee.
  2. We have 2 Epson service utility programs on our Tips sections on InkCloners.com that can address this issue. These utilities are good for older model printers.
  3. Contact Epson to send you their version of the “Ink Pad Reset Utility”

Regardless of which method you use, this is a real warning and a safety measure that must be seriously addressed. We also do not recommend resetting the ink waste counter without replacing the ink pads. If your ink pads are full then just resetting the counter on the printer without replacing the pads could ultimately cause damage to your printer and surrounding areas as the inks starts to pool inside the printer and potentially start to leak out.

There are a few steps you can do to extend replacing and resetting your waste ink pad:

  1.  Avoid the cleaning cycle and/or cleaning more than twice in a row
  2.  Don’t print borderless printing
  3. Don’t turn your printer on and off all the time

I hope this answers your questions about resetting the Epson waste ink pads. And please don’t forget to shop around for some cheaper alternatives for Epson’s expensive ink cartridges at InkCloners.com.